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Slow Thyme

Slow Thyme is an organic, Verata goat-milk cheese produced in limited quantities by the Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm one of Spain's pioneers in natural and organic farming. 

Slow Thyme organic goat-milk cheese

Slow Thyme is a pressed, semi-firm, raw goat's milk cheese that is covered with olive oil and crushed thyme then cured for 6 months. Slow Thyme is a small 1 kg (2.2 lb.) tomme measuring approx. 12 cm (4 1/2 inches) in diameter and 14 cm (5 1/2 inches) in height. It has a pleasant rustic scent of thyme.

Slow Thyme organic goat-milk cheese from Hacienda Zorita

Slow Thyme has an intense flavour of goat milk with earthy piquant notes with a pleasant lingering taste of olive oil and herbal thyme. The cream-coloured paste is fine-textured, smooth & buttery and melds nicely with the thyme. Slow Thyme pairs nicely with Spanish red wines from Duero Valley and Rioja.

Verata goats

Hacienda Zorita is an Organic Farm located on a three hundred hectare estate located in Zamora near the city of Salamanca in the Castilla y Leon’s Duero Valley region. The milk for Slow Thyme cheese comes from the Verata goat, a breed of goat native to Spain that is near extinction. Hacienda Zorita is firmly committed to the preservation of indigenous, rare and endangered species in the Duero Valley. 

Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm also produces organic raw milk ewe’s cheese (including Torta de Dehesa and Queso Curado de Dehesa Reserve), Iberico hams and charcuterie, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and wholesome breads. The company is proud to have one of Europe’s most modern cheese factories. Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm is a leader in Spain’s Slow Food movement.

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Ibores is a firm raw goat-milk cheese from the ruggedly beautiful region of Extremadura in the province of Cáceres in the southwest part of Spain.
Ibores cheese has a Denomination of Origin protection; it is made exclusively from whole, raw milk from goats of the Serrana, Verata, Retinta breeds and their crossbreeds. Ibores cheese is matured a minimum of 60 days, some wheels labeled 'Artisanal" are aged at least 100 days.
Ibores comes in a small 1.2 kg (2 lbs.) flat cylindrical wheel measuring 15 cm (6") across and approximately 9 cm (3.5") high. It has a striking orange-ochre colour rind that has been rubbed with pimentón (paprika) and a dense ivory colour paste with a few small crevices.

Ibores goat-milk cheese
Ibores has a buttery and moist texture with a pleasant creamy taste on the palate. Ibores is slightly acidic and a moderately piquant flavour with a lovely goat-milk lingering tangy finish.
Ibores pairs nicely with an oaky flavoured Spanish red wine from Rioja.


Don Heliodoro

Don Heliodoro is a unique ewe´s milk cheese produced by Central Quesera Montesinos located in Jumilla in the Region of Murcia in the southeast of Spain. Montesinos has been a leading Spanish manufacturer of specialty cheeses since 1978.

Don Heliodoro

Don Heliodoro is a delightful firm sheep-milk cheese that is covered with rosemary. It is produced in both pasteurised and raw milk versions and also without rosemary. The cheese is bathed in virgin olive oil every 15 days during the first months of affinage and then it is covered with rosemary and left to mature anywhere from 6 to 14 months depending on the type.

Don Heliodoro comes in a 3 kg wheel measuring 19 cm (7 1/2") in diameter and 10 cm (4") high. Don Heliodoro has that pleasant Pecorino aroma, characteristic to sheep's milk cheeses. Don Heliodoro is firm with a pale yellow paste that is dense yet still crumbly in texture. The cheese has a pleasant acidity, a bit spicy with rich olive oil and nutty flavours. Don Heliodoro is a real delight for all fine cheese lovers.

Don Heliodoro pairs nicely with a thick body red like a Sangiovese wine such as a Chianti Classico or a Spanish Malbec.


Monte Enebro

Monte Enebro is an award winning soft paste full flavoured pasteurised goat milk cheese from Spain.

Monte Enebro

The striking blue-gray coloured mold rind made from penicillium roqueforti covers the 2 1/2 lbs. elongated tubular shaped log. The snow white paste is dense and chalky when the cheese is young with a mild tangy flavour. As Monte Enebro ages the paste becomes creamy and runny and the flavours and aromas strengthen and become more pungent.

Monte Enebro is very tasty on its own but it is a delight with a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil or served with fresh figs when young. A more mature Monte Enebro is great served with olives.

Monte Enebro is produced by Queserías del Tiétar. This artisanal cheese dairy is located in Ávila, Spain in the La Adrada area in the Tiétar valley. The Tiétar Dairy is run by father and daughter team, Rafael and Paloma Báez Bravo-Murillo.



Manchego cheese from Spain's La Mancha region is made from the whole milk of the Manchega ewe.


This "delicious-slightly piquant and nutty" cheese has a long historic tradition being mentioned by Cervantes in the legendary "Don Quixote of La Mancha".
You are more likely to find a pasteurized industrial Manchego at your local cheese shop aged from 6 to 12 months. If you have the chance to get your hands on some artisanal handmade raw milk Manchego aged (12 months or more), try it... it’s a whole different experience!
Manchega breed of sheep

The Manchega breed of sheep, descend from the Ovis Aries Ligeriens type of sheep. The Manchega sheep are usually white but black fleeced sheep with white spots on their heads can also be found. There's no difference in the quality of the milk the two varieties produce.
The Manchegas grazing on the peculiar native wildlife is what gives Manchego its classic flavor and means that it’s impossible to make it properly away from that area.