Danakil - Non, je ne regrette rien


Danakil is a reggae band from France. The band was formed in 2000 by a group of music students who attended the same university in a western suburb of Paris. The band developed a fervid fan base in their early years by performing in many small bars and concerts in France. Danakil has since released several successful albums and DVDs of live concerts.

Here below is Danakil featuring U-Roy with their fantastic reggae cover of Edith Piaf's hit "Non, je ne regrette rien".

Danakil released "Non, je ne regrette rien" as a single in 2010. A live version of the song previously appeared on their 2009 album "Live au Cabaret Sauvage". 

In 2012, Danakil released a dub album entitled "Échos du Dub" featuring an excellent dub version of this hit. " CHECK IT OUT

This week, on February 24, Danakil has just released a brand new, double vinyl album "Entre Les Lignes" on Baco Records. The music, the catchy melodies and poetic lyrics of this ensemble are very captivating. On first listen, the track that got my attention was "Poupées Russes" featuring Natty Jean. I found it a perfect fit to commemorate the Winter Olympics that have just taken place in Russia. I just loved those large colourful babushka dolls that were featured at the various Sochi events. J


Le Tournevent

Le Tournevent is a fresh, soft, unripened, pasteurized goat-milk cheese produced by Fromagerie Tournevent operated by Damafro located in Saint-Damase in the Montérégie region of Quebec.

Le Tournevent fresh goat cheese

Le Tournevent has a gentle, sweet smell of goat's milk, a smooth texture and a mild tart flavour characteristic of goat's milk cheese.

Le Tournevent is a wonderful chèvre frais with only 20% fat content. It is ideal to add to salads as it is crumbly when cold. If you prefer a creamy, spreadable, goat cheese then let it air at room temperature for a smooth texture. Le Tournevent is also available as an ash-covered goat cheese. Le Tournevent is a versatile cheese, you can crumble it on salads, steamed veggies or pizzas or you can simply spread it on bread or bagels or mix it into omelets, quiches or soufflés.

Le Tournevent pairs well with a Pino Grigio or a Pouilly Fumé. 

Fromagerie Tournevent specializes in goat milk products. They also produce Feta cheese, Les Médaillons, Le Biquet and the award winning Chèvre Noir which is an excellent aged goat-milk cheddar.