Doctor Rockit - Café De Flore

Doctor Rockit - Café De Flore

This electronic jazzy house groove has become one of my favourites over the past years. The infectious latin beat, beautiful melody and French style accordion riff transport me to another world. I love it!

Café De Flore was released as a single in 2000, it can also be found on Doctor Rockit's albums; Indoor Fireworks and The Unnecessary History Of Doctor Rockit . The original version of Café De Flore is quite beautiful but it's the Charles Webster Latin Lover Mix that I prefer. Charles Webster's remix version is also available on the Hotel Costes compilation Best of Costes.
Doctor Rockit is British born Matthew Herbert, he is also known as Herbert, Radio Boy, Transformer and Wishmountain.


The Slap

An excellent Australian television drama series based on the 2008 controversial novel The Slap written by Australian native Christos Tsiolkas. The eight part series explores what happens when a man slaps someone else's bratty undisciplined child at a birthday barbecue get-together. Each episode of the series is told in the point of view of one of eight different people that attended the barbecue and how the repercussions of the slap affect this group of family and friends.
Though at times disturbing it is a believable story that I enjoyed. The series features great performances by Melissa George, Jonathan LaPaglia, Alex Dimitriades, Sophie Okonedo among others.


Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar

Avonlea clothbound cheddar
The Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar is a farmstead type cheddar from Prince Edward Island that is made using the traditional English cheddar making methods.  The cheddar is wrapped in cloth to age, yet it is allowed to breathe and remain moist.
This pasteurized cow’s milk cheddar aged 18 months is somewhat crumbly but creamy in the mouth, with a smooth earthy flavour with a distinct pleasant tang.
The Avonlea cheddar pairs well with Guinness beer or a nice Portuguese port.
The Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar is produced by Scott Linkletter of COWS Creamery in Charlottetown, PEI. COWS is also well known for their famous ice-cream.


Coeur Du Berry

Coeur Du Berry

Le Coeur Du Berry is a lovely French pasteurized goat milk cheese shaped in the form of a heart. Coeur Du Berry has a fresh white paste with a distinctive earthy tangy flavour and the ash covered rind leaves you with a pleasant smoky lingering taste.

This heart-shaped chèvre is a must for Valentine’s Day. Offer it as a gift or share it with your loved ones.
Available with a plain natural rind or ash covered.

Coeur Du Berry is produced by Fromagerie Jacquin in La Vernelle located in the south of La Loire in France.


Keith Haring

The Brooklyn Museum will be exhibiting the early works of Keith Haring this spring from March 16 to July 8, 2012. The exhibition will be featuring Keith’s works circa 1978 to 1982 from when he first arrived in New York City through to when he started his studio and began making public and political art on the streets.
Keith Haring
I fell in love with Keith Haring’s work after attending a live Grace Jones show in New York in the 80’s. Keith not only painted Grace in his original heavy brush stroke style but he painted a large circular canvas and the canvas stunningly became Grace’s costume gown as she was hoisted up. A true masterpiece!
Grace Jones with Keith Haring design gown



Grey Owl

Grey Owl is a striking ash covered pasteurized goat milk cheese.

Grey Owl

The edible dark vegetable ash rind contrasts beautifully against the snowy white uncooked paste that is quite dense. The fresh crumbly texture is quite smooth and creamy in the mouth with a sweet tangy nutty flavor.  
Grey Owl cheese pairs well with a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio.

Grey Owl is produced by Fromagerie Le Détour located in Notre-Dame-Du-Lac, Québec in the region of Lac Témiscouata near the New Brunswick border. Grey Owl cheese is named after a legendary conservationist, who inhabited the region of Témiscouata; Archie Belaney who was known under his adopted Ojibwe name “Grey Owl”.

The milk for Grey Owl cheese comes from Saanen Goats, a Swiss breed of dairy goats.

Saanen Goats


Photo source: informedfarmers.com