Hibiscus is a beautiful flowering plant belonging to the mallow family, Malvaceae. There are many species of Hibiscus including both annual and perennial herbaceous plants.

Hibiscus is recognizable by its showy trumpet-shaped flowers that can be quite large from 4 to 18 cm wide. The petals of the Hibiscus flower come in various colours from white, pink, orange, purple, yellow and my favourite “coral”,. The individual flowers are short-lived; they live only for one day. However, the numerous flower buds produced on the shrub's new growth, provide an abundance of flowers from July to September and even later if the plant is brought indoors before the cold fall nights kick in.
The sepals of the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower are used to make Hibiscus tea, a hot and cold herbal drink consumed by people around the world. Hibiscus tea is also referred to as sorrel and roselle, which is another common name for the hibiscus flower.
Hibiscus and hummingbird
Hibiscus plants are often used in the garden to attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.
Thanks to my brother-in-law Colin for the great picture of the hibiscus and hummingbird.

Caro Emerald - That Man

Caro Emerald - That Man

Dutch jazz singer Caro Emerald singing "That Man". This single is one of many hits taken from her upbeat chart topping album "Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor". 

Swinging and sassy!



Petit Corse aux Herbes

Petit Corse aux Herbes is a soft ripened sheep-milk cheese covered with herbs from the island of Corsica.

Petit Corse aux Herbes

Petit Corse aux Herbes is a small 150 gr (5 oz) round shaped cheese. The soft fine-textured ivory coloured paste is creamy and slightly salty. The strong-scented dried herbs that cover the cheese give it a flavoured bite.

Petit Corse aux Herbes is produced by Fromagerie Pierucci located in Vescovato, a commune in Upper Corsica. Fromagerie Pierucci operated by the Pierucci family for three generations, has become one of Corsica's leading cheese producers.

Corsica's Mediterranean climate and its mountainous terrain allow the livestock a diet that is rich, natural and flavourful.

Corsican Mouflon Ram and Ewe

The Corsican mouflon (Ovis musimon) is thought to be one of the two ancestors for all modern sheep breeds. These small and rustic sheep give up to four times less milk than the best dairy breeds, but the milk it produces is good milk that is very rich in proteins and lipids.

Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas

Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas

This version of "Sixteen Tons", entitled 16 Toneladas was recorded by Noriel Vilela in Brazil in 1969; it is featured on his solo album “Eis o Ôme”. Noriel Vilela known as 'The Tenor of Samba' is an iconic samba-rock artist who was a member of the band Cantores de Ébano in the 50's.
"Sixteen Tons" was first recorded in 1946 by American country singer Merle Travis.

In 1955 Tennessee Ernie Ford’s version of Sixteen Tons became a huge number one hit.

The song has been covered by a variety of musicians among them: Elvis Presley, The Platters, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash, among many more.

The Clash used Tennessee Ernie Ford's version as their intro music for their 1980 US tour, called "The 16 Tons Tour".


Jayne Mansfield's Car

Jayne Mansfield's Car is a funny, crazy drama directed by Billy Bob Thornton.

Jayne Mansfield's Car

This quirky film is about two colourful families who are brought together by the death of a woman. The acclaimed cast includes Robert Duvall (Apocalypse Now, Lonesome Dove), John Hurt (The Elephant Man, Harry Potter), Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade, Bad Santa), Kevin Bacon (Footloose, The River Wild) among others.



Zacharie Cloutier

Zacharie Cloutier is an award winning raw sheep-milk cheese from Quebec's Eastern Township region.

Zacharie Cloutier

Zacharie Cloutier has a firm, semi-cooked, pressed paste that has a pleasant sweet floral aroma with hints of coconut and caramel. The 3.3 KG wheel has a golden-orange coloured washed rind that bears a distinguished zigzag basket weave pattern. Zacharie Cloutier is ripened from 4 to 6 months. The butter coloured paste has a mild, soft and creamy texture.
Fromagerie Nouvelle France's Zacharie Cloutier label

Zacharie Cloutier produced by Fromagerie Nouvelle France, is the brainchild of experienced cheese consultant and cheesemaker Marie-Chantal Houde.  The farm's herd of East Friesian sheep is run by Marie-Chantal's brother, Jean-Paul Houde on the family's 250 hectare spread in Racine, Quebec.

East Friesian sheep

Zacharie Cloutier was named as a tribute to the Cloutier-Houde family ancestor.

Fromagerie Nouvelle France and Fromagerie du Prosbytère have recently collaborated to make a unique mixed milk (sheep and cow) cheese called Le Pionnier

Photo source: Wikipedia