Petit Corse aux Herbes

Petit Corse aux Herbes is a soft ripened sheep-milk cheese covered with herbs from the island of Corsica.

Petit Corse aux Herbes

Petit Corse aux Herbes is a small 150 gr (5 oz) round shaped cheese. The soft fine-textured ivory coloured paste is creamy and slightly salty. The strong-scented dried herbs that cover the cheese give it a flavoured bite.

Petit Corse aux Herbes is produced by Fromagerie Pierucci located in Vescovato, a commune in Upper Corsica. Fromagerie Pierucci operated by the Pierucci family for three generations, has become one of Corsica's leading cheese producers.

Corsica's Mediterranean climate and its mountainous terrain allow the livestock a diet that is rich, natural and flavourful.

Corsican Mouflon Ram and Ewe

The Corsican mouflon (Ovis musimon) is thought to be one of the two ancestors for all modern sheep breeds. These small and rustic sheep give up to four times less milk than the best dairy breeds, but the milk it produces is good milk that is very rich in proteins and lipids.

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