Chemin Hatley

Chemin Hatley is a firm organic cheese made by Fromagerie La Station de Compton located in Québec's Eastern Townships.

Chemin Hatley

Chemin Hatley is named after the road that stagecoaches used to travel on between Québec and Boston. La Station's farm and cheese factory are located along this Hatley Road located in Compton in Southeastern Québec.

This farmstead cheese comes in a 4 KG wheel which is ripened for 3 months and made with organic thermised cow-milk. The pressed semi-cooked paste is cream-coloured with a rather smooth elastic texture that features small crevices. Chemin Hatley has an orangey coloured rind and a distinct floral aroma.

Chemin Hatley has a creamy buttery texture with a moderate fruity aftertaste. Chemin Hatley pairs well with a fresh aromatic white wine from Bordeaux.
Holstein cattle from La Station de Compton

Fromagerie La Station de Compton is operated by Pierre Bolduc with his wife Carole and their sons. Their certified organic farm produces award winning farmstead cheeses such as Alfred Le Fermier, one of my favourite Quebec raw milk firm cheese, their popular Raclette de Compton as well as Comtomme.


Der Dritte Raum - Swing Bop (Acid Pauli Remix)

Der Dritte Raum
Der Dritte Raum is a techno group from Göttingen, Germany consisting of Andreas Krüger and Ralf Uhrlandt. Since 1994, when Der Dritte Raum released their first album, the group's sound has changed without ever losing their uniqueness. From Techno, to Trance, to Tech House, to Jazz the group's style has developed into a very progressive club sound.

Der Dritte Raum - Swing Bop

Swing Bop is a track from Der Dritte Raum's album entitled Rosa Rausch released on Save To Disc Recordings. This funky version is the Acid Pauli's Remix, which appears on the maxi single Swing Bop Remixes released in 2011.

I love the video that was put together for this track. It reminds me of Crystal Beach Amusement Park in Fort Erie, Ontario where we used to go in the summer time when I was growing up. Who could forget those stomach churning rides on The Comet, the famous wooden rolling coaster.

Swing Bop will make you want to get up, kick off your shoes and dance.

Electronics musician Andreas Krueger, the brain child behind Der Dritte Raum also records under Dr. DNA.


Don Heliodoro

Don Heliodoro is a unique ewe´s milk cheese produced by Central Quesera Montesinos located in Jumilla in the Region of Murcia in the southeast of Spain. Montesinos has been a leading Spanish manufacturer of specialty cheeses since 1978.

Don Heliodoro

Don Heliodoro is a delightful firm sheep-milk cheese that is covered with rosemary. It is produced in both pasteurised and raw milk versions and also without rosemary. The cheese is bathed in virgin olive oil every 15 days during the first months of affinage and then it is covered with rosemary and left to mature anywhere from 6 to 14 months depending on the type.

Don Heliodoro comes in a 3 kg wheel measuring 19 cm (7 1/2") in diameter and 10 cm (4") high. Don Heliodoro has that pleasant Pecorino aroma, characteristic to sheep's milk cheeses. Don Heliodoro is firm with a pale yellow paste that is dense yet still crumbly in texture. The cheese has a pleasant acidity, a bit spicy with rich olive oil and nutty flavours. Don Heliodoro is a real delight for all fine cheese lovers.

Don Heliodoro pairs nicely with a thick body red like a Sangiovese wine such as a Chianti Classico or a Spanish Malbec.