Perle is a cute semi-soft, bloomy rind, organic goat milk cheese from Domaine de Courval located in Waterville in the Estrie region of Québec.

Domaine de Courval

Domaine de Courval is operated by couple Raynald Hébert and Laurie Goodhart. Before settling in Waterville, Québec in 2007 this couple had already perfected their cheesemaking skills at Nettle Meadow, one of the first micro-dairies in the state of New York.

Organic goat milk products from Domaine de Courval

Domaine de Courval is one of the few certified organic goat-milk farms in Québec. This artisanal Fromagerie creates delicate, fresh and aged goat cheeses. They produce five different flavours of fresh goat cheese and cream cheese and two types of refined goat cheese; Kunik a sumptuous triple cream and Perle.


Perle is a small 70 g (2.5 oz) little chèvre measuring approximately 5 cm (2") in diameter and 4 cm (1.25") in height. It has a pearl-white coloured bloomy rind and a cream coloured semi-soft paste. The white mold rind is firm yet melds well with the slightly tangy, creamy, pure goat milk flavoured paste with lingering hints of mushroom. Perle is an excellent introduction to the world of goat cheese.