Victor et Berthold Fondue

It might be officially spring time, but this lingering cold winter weather makes me want to stay-in and enjoy a nice cheese fondue.

Victor et Berthold Fondue is a delicious cheese fondue produced by Quebec's Fromagerie Du Champ à La Meule. Located in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes in the Lanaudière region, this cheese maker has been making artisanal cheeses since 1995.

This cheese fondue is made with one of Quebec's most popular semi-soft, washed-rind, thermised cow-milk cheese; Victor et Berthold. Victor et Berthold cheese has the perfect smooth and creamy texture for a cheese fondue and a pleasant bouquet of cream, butter and herbs. Aged for a minimum of 60 days, it has a somewhat strong taste with zesty fruity flavours.

Victor et Berthold cheese

The recipe for this fine ready to serve cheese fondue is made with a local micro-brewery beer; Claire de L’Alchimiste which is a clear golden coloured premium lager produced by L'Alchimiste in nearby Joliette.  The sweet malt flavour and the tangy seasoning of hops of this beer is a perfect match for Victor et Berthold cheese fondue.

Victor et Berthold Fondue

Martin Guilbault founder/owner of Fromagerie Du Champ à La Meule named this cheese after his grand-father 'Victor' and his uncle 'Berthold', who once ran the family farm where the fromagerie is located. An honorable tribute to them is prominently displayed on the fondue's packaging in the vintage 1930's black and white photo of Victor and Berthold milking cows on the Guilbault family farm. In the early years of the fromagerie's cheese making, their cheese was made from the milk of their own herd. Today, due to the volume of cheese they produce the cheeses are made with the milk from neighbouring herds.

As well as making Victor et Berthold cheese and fondue the Fromagerie du Champ à la Meule also produce; L'Amateur, Le Fêtard, Joliette, Laracam and Les Métayères.

The recipe for the Victor et Berthold Fondue was created by la Fabrique de Fondues.

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