Le Lingot

Le Lingot is a delicious raw goat-milk cheese from a small dairy Co-operative Les Gariottes in Alvignac in the former province of Quercy, in the French Midi-Pyrénées.

Le Lingot

Le Lingot has a distinctive bar-shape similar to a gold ingot, weighing 200 g (7 oz.). Le Lingot becomes increasingly creamy as it ages and its flavours become more intense.

Le Lingot soft creamy goat-milk cheese

Le Lingot has a lovely golden speckled, damp, wrinkly, natural rind with a smooth creamy white paste. Lingot is a flavourful cheese; it has the familiar tanginess of goat cheese with a nutty, piquant flavour, slightly earthy and a pleasant, salty tingle on the tongue to finish.

Le Lingot pairs nicely with more fruity red wines like a Burgundy or a Cote de Beaune.

Le Lingot is a beautiful chèvre that is handmade with the highest quality goat-milk, with no additives or preservatives.

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