Roaring Forties Blue

Roaring Forties Blue is a mild pasteurized cow's milk blue cheese produced by King Island Dairy in Australia.  King Island is located in Southern Australia south of Melbourne in the Bass Strait above the north-west tip of Tasmania.

Roaring Forties Blue
The cheese is named after the notorious Roaring Forties gales which bring winds of more than 100 km per hour to King Island, which is located on the 40 degrees latitude.

The Island's dairy herds graze on lush, dense pastures and their rich diet is supplemented with kelp that gets washed up after heavy storms. King Island cows have become renowned for producing the purest, sweetest, creamiest milk which is the secret behind the fine dairy products and award-winning cheeses produced by the King Island Dairy.

King Island Dairy's head cheesemaker is Swiss-born Ueli Berger, who studied cheese-making in Switzerland for three years before moving to Australia. He's been head of the cheese making team at King Island Dairy since 1998.
Roaring Forties Blue is a rind-less cheese that has matured in a dark blue coloured wax coating. The wax covering cuts off the oxygen supply to the cheese while maturing to promote a sweet fruity flavour. The wax coating also helps in retaining the cheese's moisture which creates a lovely buttery smooth texture.

Roaring Forties Blue is a rich flavourful blue veined cheese with a sweet presence of honey, slightly nutty flavour and a great creamy aftertaste.

Roaring Forties Blue pairs nicely with an Australian Shiraz wine.

King Island Dairy suggests serving Roaring 40's Blue with maple syrup spiced dates, fresh pears and sliced fruit bread. (To prepare dates; cut 12 dates in half, remove pips, combine dates with a tablespoon of maple syrup and 1/2 teaspoon of mixed spices and let stand for a minimum of 20 minutes before serving.)

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  1. Lovely film, beautifully shot: great to meet some locals and hear how it all ticks. Congratulations - King Island seems so very tempting.